The mission of Global Tooling Specialties, Inc. (GTSI) is to provide quality tools and services, ensuring that our customers have the support necessary to be top-ranking performers in their industry.
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Global Tooling Specialties, Inc. is a service-oriented company catering to various OEMs throughout the world – “the historically proven way to do business”

Our clients are made up of top-rated suppliers, including members of the top 50 suppliers as rated per Automotive News Magazine. Our clients are OEMs and builders of quality products, who are looking for the tools, services, and support proven to save cost, heighten overall efficiency and increase their ROI.

Our large and expanding customer base, allows buy-ins with brand name tool companies, and provides new customers with the same cost savings.

We don’t just sell tools, we offer solutions for your industrial needs. We are also customers and we only sell what you need, not what you don’t.

Corporate Sustainability
GTSI is a full-service supplier, indirect material industrial Tier I Tier II. Since 2004.

On Time
GTSI specializes in producing solutions to “tool up” for outfitting, and expansion of large-scale operations to retrofit, and update.

We have the advantage in logistics, strategic processes, and a distribution network of surplus through our manufacturers, distributors, representatives, and brokers, and we offer a wide array of solutions, products, and tools that our customers need to build and assemble.

We have an established reputation for saving our customers money in cutting and power tools, safety equipment, heavy machinery, precision measurement equipment, among others, acting as a partner to operations with the ability to consolidate sales, logistics, and technical support.

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Please let us know if you need a specific brand or we can recommend for you.

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